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Biesse India resumes operations in their Bengaluru campus with BEST strategy to contain COVID-19

Biesse India has resumed operations in their production units in Bangalore after a shutdown of 40 days. This is a promising announcement for the manufacturing industry in India which had taken a great hit due to the second wave of COVID-19. Biesse India was one of the first manufacturing firms that voluntarily announced a halt in production even before the government enforced such a shutdown. As the operations resume, Biesse has further strengthened BEST (Break Enhance Sanitize Test), a benchmark COVID-19 control strategy, to ensure the safety of their human capital.

In the BEST strategy, as a part of “BREAK”, Biesse aims to break the chain of COVID-19 spread. The company had closed its operations voluntarily for 40 days and now when they resume, Biesse will ensure strict maintenance of social distancing in their work premises. Under the “ENHANCE” approach, the company vaccinated all employees with the age group of 45+ and has also collaborated with healthcare providers to organize a vaccination drive at factory premises for employees & their family members. The S in BEST stands for “SANITIZE”, Biesse has educated all their employees to sanitize their houses and the company has organized complete factory sanitization every week through an external expert. Through the “TEST” approach, the company has made arrangements to test all their employees for COVID-19. This is to facilitate early detection of cases, if any, to handle the infection effectively.

Biesse India’s shutdown had a global implication as the products are exported to over 60 countries worldwide. Expressing his determination to ensure his team’s safety at work Mr. Sayeed Ahmed, CEO of Biesse India said “The primary objective is to ensure good health of all our employees by preventing the spread of virus in our workplace. Along with the BEST strategy we have also formed a COVID-19 taskforce to perform daily audits on COVID protocols in the factory premises”. Commenting on the way forward after a shutdown, Sayeed added “Due to the closure of operations for 40 days, we will definitely have an impact on planned revenue and some disruptions in the supply chain. However, we are proud that our human capital has been protected during this critical situation with a long-term vision”.

Biesse India, a direct subsidiary of Biesse Group Italy, is a global leader in designing and manufacturing woodworking machines. In its plants in Bangalore, Biesse designs and develops a range of technologies and solutions for joinery, furniture, windows, doors and wood building component manufacturers. Biesse India also manufactures machines and systems for the glass and advanced materials processing sector, developing ad-hoc solutions for a growing market.

Biesse India products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. By means of a capillary distribution network, made up of subsidiaries and dealers, Biesse guarantees attentive, made-to-measure customer service, which ranges from pre-sales consultancy to after-sales service and supply of spare parts. The company also develops specially designed application software that augments user experience.

For more information, Please visit: https://www.biesse.com/in/wood/

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