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Indiawood 2020
22 - 26 February 2024 | BIEC, Bengaluru, India
International Trade Fair for Furniture Production Technologies, Woodworking Machinery, Tools, Fittings, Accessories, Raw Materials and Products

CEFLA LIVE GLOBAL - June 7 - 11 2021

Innovation is a constant in everything we do.

Through passion and expertise, we’re working to show you our 2021 innovations in the field of machines and technologies for finishing and digital printing.

Despite the challenges of today’s world, we’re eager to show you how our latest technologies can let you ramp up efficiency, boost your business and, no less importantly, ensure sustainability at multiple levels.

We’ve chosen to do so by holding webinars, live from our finishing LAB. Here, during Cefla Live Global week, from 7 to June 2021, our product and technology specialists will be illustrating both individual machines and complete lines in action.

Each webinar is a great opportunity to understand the technology, obtain in-depth info on the innovations and get a close look at cutting-edge digital solutions that provide advantages in terms of efficiency, sustainability and process control.

Discover all the webinars, available in 8 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian), and sign up now to those that are of the greatest interest to your business.

Make it simple, make it sustainable.

Simplicity is never a bad idea. The new vacuum coating solution for flat panels simplifies the process, reduces lead time and cuts costs for lacquer and solvents. A 100% UV lacquer basecoat applied in volumes ranging between 100 and 140 g/sqm reduces lacquer consumption vs. spray coating. Easier to process, faster to finish, you can move straight from the surface coater to the edge coater and use the same technique. SmartVacuum and SmartEdge ensure a perfect quality match between edge and panel surface and the process is not only simpler, but cleaner and more sustainable.

A new HMI, more data to analyse productivity and an energy saver on your machine

The new iBotic, after 15 years proving its credentials as an unmatched, high-performance spray coating solution, undergoes a major update to bring to the market a series of new opportunities. A special device enabling on-the-go colour changeovers, an energy recovery system saving up to 20% running costs, a new HMI with integrated software enabling diagnostics, production data and a support for maintenance requirements are just 3 features that are part of the new iBotic.

Less lacquer being used or wasted adds up to better profits with Elispray

With an improved distribution/application system and coating enclosure, Elispray is the ideal choice to cut your costs through superior transfer efficiency and minimal lacquer waste. A wider belt helps conserve and recycle overspray, the double plenum is effective in channeling overspray onto the workpieces and the overspray extraction filters are positioned where they are most needed.

How can you get results while reducing costs?

The advantage of our latest curing oven UV-I is that it is no longer dependent on photoinitiators to obtain the best results. By creating an inert atmosphere inside the oven, using small amounts of nitrogen, the curing process improves and significantly reduces the need for photoinitiators. Lacquers you purchase can now contain fewer photoinitators, thereby cost less and will be environmentally more sustainable. In the case of lacquers with the same amount of photoinitiators, your processing times will drop, leading to lower processing costs.

The market is moving towards personalisation, small batches, just-in-time production. And are you ready?

Furniture manufacturers are being faced with issues that require a high degree of flexibility in order to solve them appropriately. They want short lead times, the ability to produce a limited number of pieces on demand and they would probably love to do away with large stocks of rollers, decorative paper, etc.

One solution is industrial digital printing. You can forget stocking anything but inks. You can let your customers customise as much as they want and take a creative idea, transform it into a digital file ready to print in a couple of days. Last but not the least, you can print the flat surface and have the edge printed by a partner company with exactly the same file, matching them perfectly.

Matching the surface to the edge is easier than ever before

How long have you been coating kitchen cabinet or bathroom cabinet doors? Have you noticed the market trend moving away from raised panels towards sleek flat panels with slightly rounded edges? And how have you adapted your coating process to this trend? Are you still spray coating or is your line a succession of roller coaters and ovens? Now imagine a line where you’re vacuum coating both the flat panel surface and the edge. Using 100% UV lacquers, no solvents, and lower lacquer consumption for the basecoat, 120g/sqm in one step. This saves money, saves production time and ensures a superb match between surface and edge. Our latest innovation, SmartVacuum is the new approach to flat panel coating.

Hard to spot the difference? It’s all done on a digital printer

If you never seem to obtain a perfect match between panel surface and panel edge, then there’s a solution. One that will bring you a bunch of benefits, not just the perfect match.

Industrial digital printing is a technique that affords flexibility to address demands for small batches and highly customised products. It also enables you to go from the concept to the print files and production in the space of just a few days. And to solve the edge-surface match, the same digital file can be used to print the surface and the edge, so they look identical.

Cefla Live Global 2021 is the week we have organised to reveal our latest technologies, sharing the initiatives we have taken along the path towards the future of finishing.

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