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FFSC Skills In-sight


The challenge of having the Right Manpower has always been there, especially in the unorganized or informally structured industries like Furniture Manufacturing. As such our efficiency & productivity as an industry, has always been below the world standards. 

Does this mean we don't have enough manpower or skilled people in the country? 

The study by the Labour Bureau below showcases that the real challenge is not having Occupational Standards and as such lack of proper training, recognition & strategic development.

The difference between the developed nations like Korea, Japan, Germany, UK, etc. and India can be understood by a simple comparison of the fact that they have above 75% skilled workforce and a sustainable model of creating right talent due, as they have been practicing Occupational Standardization for more than 30 years now.

Clearly, to build a robust Skilling Ecosystem for such a vast fragmented and unorganised industry like ours, there are certain pre-requisites.

  1. One Industry, One Voice - A Unified platform for Skill Development
  2. One Industry, One Standard - Formalizing Job Roles with National Occupational Standards
  3. Industry Led & Supported Training Infrastructure, Centre of Excellence
  4. Break the Job Role related Stereotypes and creating aspirational value by mainstreaming career opportunities - recognising existing talent and creating new
  5. Power of Digital to empower & connect the aspirants & industry, establish demand & supply

At FFSC, we understand this urgent need to gauge our existing skilled workforce capacity, empower them with upskilling initiatives and engage young talent via fresh skilling programs build at world standards.

However, the mission can be achieved only with the help of creating awareness amongst the youth and industry about Skill-based opportunities.

One such initiative of FFSC to engage and reach out to stakeholders is the FFSC’s weekly newsletter called FFSC Skills In-sight. Launched on 27th August 2020 during the 5th AGM, it has had 27 volumes so far.

FFSC Skills In-sight provides information about the skill ecosystem in short bytes and keep stakeholders updated, covering the latest news from ecosystem, Stakeholders Engagement, Standards development, Training & Assessment Infrastructure creations, Training Projects, Job & Apprenticeship opportunities, World Skill Competition and more.

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