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Customized Cutters From Taiwan Guarantees Zero Worries on Cutting Performance

Tong Fong, the nearly 35 years business originated from Taiwan, has been supplying all kinds of woodworking cutterheads. They were also one of the initial companies to bring in the helical cutterheads in Asia. Now, the customized solutions expert has become another definition to describe Tong Fong, which adds upon their superior quality and long durability long trusted by many woodworking factories.

As the woodworking industry now goes into requesting more customized solution and tailor- made products, Tong Fong full ranges of products are all customizable to fit with each individual demand, especially welded cutterheadssuch as the flooring cutters,  finger-joint cutters, or profile cutters like the round rod cutters. As one of the major sales in India customized cutters, the round rod cutters require the final products to be in perfect angles and round shapes, and Tong Fong can ensure that every customer can use their cutters to receive the same highest standard on wood rod final products.

As Tong Fong chief technical engineer, Mr. Chiang always mentioned, “there  are  millions of cutters suppliers around the world, and the only concern to woodworking factories is that individual cutter needs to be delivered with same high quality and provide longer durability. This is also the top priority of Tong Fong cutters business standard”.

Tong Fong Cutters Co., Ltd Background

Established in 1987,Tong Fong products range from woodworking tools such as Helical planning cutter head, adjustable planning, cutterheads, safety corrugate cutter head to various kinds of profile cutters.

Tong Fong currently has  developed a new type of helical cutter with reversible carbide knifes which has been proven successfully as an upgrade to the application of woodworking cutters. Tong Fong cutters has distributed majorly to European and Southeast Asia markets.

For more information, please visit: www.tongfong.com.tw

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