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Acryl Glass by Asian Prelam-The Perfect choice for glamourous interiors

Their state-of-the-art products transform and create a seamless integration of design, functionality, and durability for any project. Designed with a focus to redefine the furnishing industry, Asian Prelam’s Shikhar range of ultra-premium panels make for a fantastic choice for designers and homemakers alike. With panels produced on the world’s best Barberan (Spain) flat lamination line with Valco Melton (USA) glue spreader, their range boasts excellent machining characteristics. The highest quality polyurethane (PUR) glue is used to ensure life-long durability. Being India’s only company with Wandres (Germany) cleaning system, their products promise zero surface deformation resulting in zero undulation on the final surface.

Under Shikhar, Acryl Glass is their ultra-premium range of pre-laminated MDF (engineered medium density fiberboard), HDF HMR (High-Density Fibreboard | High Moisture Resistant), and Birch Calibrated Plywood (Boiling Water Proof). The production of Acryl Glass surfaced panels allows intricate and precise machining for exceptionally superior finished products. The surface used is 2 mm in thickness with more of acrylic than ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) that is 1.6 mm acrylic and 0.4 mm ABS.

There are two kinds of panels in the Acryl Glass range, i.e. Luster Glass and Silk Matte. Luster Glass is reflective, almost like real glass. Silk Matte has a super silky-smooth finish and looks like back-painted glass. They are ideal for a glamorous look and can be integrated into any interior design application, especially kitchen cabinets and backsplashes. These panels are produced in a 100% dust free and temperature control environment for superior quality and durability. There are no colour variations over batches to expect uniform colour fast surfaces in manufactured batches. Also, being much lighter than glass, it’s perfect for high-end hardware usage, the added advantage being lighter-weight and zero breakage risk.

Acryl Glass’s super high scratch-resistant finishes do not tarnish, de-laminate or fade away with time; they maintain their smooth and glossy appearance. In high wear and tear over extensive usage, the surface can be buffed by an enriched acrylic polish – just like car polish. It is effortless to clean, and stains can easily be wiped with a solution made of warm water and non-acidic soap.

Go glam with Shikhar’s range of gloss or matte finish in complementing colours. Both options are preferred for high-end interior applications as they exude confidence and ultimate sophistication.

For more details, please visit: https://www.asianprelam.com/shikhar.php

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