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Indiawood 2020
Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Tumkur Road Bangalore, India 13th International Trade Fair for Furniture Production Technologies, Woodworking Machinery, Tools, Fittings, Accessories, Raw Materials and Products

Tapio now available in India: How to jump-start into the digital world of the wood industry

Let's imagine we could plan a new development area on a green field. We would need different roles and players; it would need roads, water and gas lines, electricity and Internet. And this is exactly what needs to be mastered for the digital world in a figurative sense: It needs someone to provide the infrastructure for this new area. tapio has built this infrastructure as an open ecosystem for the wood industry. The roads and pipes for water, gas and electricity are used and filled, namely with data provided in the ecosystem. This can be data from materials such as edge bands, data from tools such as cutters and their usage, data from machines for productivity metrics.

Now, this data is used in the ecosystem. Metaphorically, there are buildings and factories in the new development area with electricity and water connections. These buildings represent the digital applications, the apps. These apps are provided by tapio but also by tapio partners, such as HOMAG, in the ecosystem. The apps work on the basis of the data made available by tapio partners or users.

With this approach, specific use cases for furniture factories, carpentries and other wood production specialists are formed and fed by the released data from the ecosystem.

The value tapio brings to your production

One Login: Users build their digital twin of their production only once and can use one single login for diverse applications. Registering at tapio is completely free of charge.

Specific Apps: tapio as the ecosystem supplies wood industry-specific applications that rely on real use cases. With this focus on wood working, the apps really help improving your production

Data Security: Each user decides on his own whom we wants to grant access to his data. This sets new standards on data ownership and sovereignty, which is of high importance when speaking of production relevant data.

Apps in the ecosystem There are currently more than ten di­erent applications available on tapio, like the tapio ServiceBoard for better in faster communication in case of a machine error. Another example is the HOMAG cutting optimization intelliDivide for your saw, CNC or nesting machine or the app MMRmobile for historical performance data of your HOMAG machines.

How to get started with tapio? HOMAG is one of the tapio partners supporting tapio strongly. Therefore, just get in touch with your HOMAG contact person to learn more about tapio, connect your machines and get started with digital applications of your choice. No initial invest in digital iinfrastructure is needed. Just put your foot on the new digital paths of tapio.

For more information, please visit: www.homag.com

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