SCM Presents Windorflex

"Spread your wings with Windorflex & future-proof your windows production"

Panel & Joinery Production’s Clare Hollister was invited to the press launch of Windorflex at the SCM Headquarters in Rimini to see first-hand the impressive new machining cell for producing windows and doors.

This new machine is an innovative and high-tech solution to producing window frames, regardless of the type or size and has been designed with futureproofing window production in mind. Clare commented: “Windorflex exemplifies the forward-thinking ethos of the SCM Group who talk to their customers, research their needs, look at their requirements and then develop solutions to meet their demands. Customer care is at the forefront of everything they do and being able to see how the company is expanding it’s manufacturing in Italy shows how they continue to grow and continue as innovators in their field.”

Windorflex optimises production rhythms by maintaining high flexibility and excellent finishing, which give the new SCM automatic cell the ability to optimise its design giving a single solution for all the necessary operations required for windows and doors manufacturing.

Right now design and eco-sustainability are the two main trends defining wooden windows production. The design dictates the finish, quality and shape of the windows, while the eco-sustainability primarily involves the way as they are manufactured.

As for the production of wooden windows, the level of perceived finish quality is steadily growing which means in order to optimise production rates and flexibility it is essential that significant attention is paid to the machines constructive features.

Being a technology partner of the world’s leading window and door manufacturers for seventy years gives SCM the opportunity to continuously listen to the customer’s most detailed requirements and allows them to continually produce advanced responses and solutions.

Based on these prerogatives, SCM designed Windorflex, the new machining cell for the production of windows and doors. Their new campaign “Spread your wings with Windorflex & future-proof your windows production” highlights the fact that the machine is an innovative and high-tech solution for producing window frames, regardless of the type.

Windorflex has a fixed gantry structure that allows for high machining speeds whilst ensuring the best accuracy. The configurability of the machining units with 4 and 5-axis powerful and interchangeable electrospindles, which allow performing all the necessary operations for the production of complete windows. The alternate use of the two routing units reduces the cycle time: while one unit is working, the other performs the tool change in masked time.

The innovative automatic worktable is equipped with dedicated clamps for the constant holding of the work-pieces. It is possible to process from 1 to 4 work-pieces in sequence. The worktable modularity allows managing three work-piece lengths: 3500, 4500, 6000 mm. The work-piece repositioning, from the internal side machining to the external one, is direct between the clamps, without needing additional devices, to ensure excellent finish quality.

Another advantage is the automatic work-pieces loading/unloading systems that enable the machine to work autonomously, without the continuous input of the operator. These systems are available in two solutions: with loading/unloading bench or with an anthropomorphous robot that picks up the rough elements and unloads the finished work-pieces on special trolleys.

The exclusive Maestro active windoor software, specifically developed for the control and the programming of Windorflex, is capable of meeting any demands related to windows and doors production thanks also to Maestro connect, the SCM IoT system.

Clare added: “We were fortunate to have a presentation by Luigi De Vito, General Manager of SCM Group, who outlined a positive future for the SCM Group moving forward despite the global challenges manufacturing are experiencing. SCM are increasing their capacity by investing and expanding their plants and are looking to a sustainable future with their high level of customer care at the forefront of everything they do.”

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Source: Panel & Joinery Production