The benefits of automatic and robotic spray technology

Providing products with a premium quality finish is absolutely vital in the competitive world of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office furniture, door and window manufacturing. Achieving the perfect finish relies on several elements, the most important of which are surface preparation and the painting or varnishing of each piece.

The HOMAG Group is a world leader in surface finishing and offers a range of sanding machines to prepare work piece surfaces. For spraying solutions, HOMAG has partnered with the Makor Group to provide a range of advanced automatic and robotic spray machinery. Together, the two companies provide the very best surface finishing solutions.

The benefits of automatic and robotic spray technology

For any manufacturer that processes solid wood, wood-based, PVC or metal components, automatic spraying delivers a host of benefits including:

• High quality, flawless surface finishes
• Significant cost savings – economical use of coatings and reduced overspray
• Batch size 1 flexibility
• Fast colour changes
• Process consistency
• Simple operation

Makor has been perfecting spray technologies for over 40 years and offers a full range of automatic and robotic spraying solutions for profiles, panels and 3D parts. The investment it has made in continuous research and development has resulted in a portfolio of high quality machinery that is reliable, long-lasting and easy to use.

Start One – entry level automatic panel spraying

The Makor Start One is an ideal option for companies making their first venture into automatic panel spraying. It is suitable for manufacturers that need to spray medium to small batches with water- or solvent-based paints, or glue for veneered components.

It is a reciprocating spray machine which means the spray head moves backwards and forwards in a straight line. An electronically controlled drive ensures the smooth movement of the spray head and delivers a consistent application across the entire working width.

With a touch screen monitor, the Start One is very easy to operate and features an electronic bar to automatically read work piece sizes. The paper transport system renders the machine self-cleaning, minimising maintenance expenses and all but eliminating downtime. The machine delivers higher productivity, paint saving, coating uniformity and higher, more consistent quality with low operational and investment costs.

IRIDE 306 – for a healthier working environment

The IRIDE 306 has been designed and built to satisfy the present anti-pollution requirements and provide protection for employees in the work environment. It enables the automatic spraying inline of varnishing products on picture frames, architectural mouldings, matchboards, valances, door and window parts.

The IRIDE’s spacious cabin offers full protection from noxious exhalations in the working zone and is kept under depression by means of a highly efficient suction and filtering system. The suction chamber is equipped with a differential manometer for monitoring the state of the filters. A wide front door enables easy access for quick set-up and effortless maintenance. There is also bright lighting inside the unit for clear visibility.

With a robust steel plate and tubular steel construction, the IRIDE 306 offers variable forward feed speeds by means of strong poly-urethane belts. A pull-out trolley at the front of the machine holds large spray tanks which are coated with special non-stick material for easy maintenance and cleaning. The tanks are positioned in line with the spraying zones to collect excess spray material.

ROBOSPRAY 4.0 – the second generation of the anthropomorphic Robot family

Makor’s latest anthropomorphic (having human characteristics) robotic spray machine replaces the extremely successful ROBOSPRAY-TWIN. The ROBOSPRAY 4.0 offers premium quality finishing solutions for flat and complex 3D shapes.

The advanced technology in the ROBOSPRAY 4.0 combines flexibility and productivity. Its 3D scanning system features a blue laser that enables the machine to detect any shape and select the type of coating required via the simple ‘Easy-Touch’ operator panel.

The machine can be equipped with a self-cleaning belt, a paper transport system or a hybrid belt with both solutions. As part of the complete package Makor has developed its own CAD-MAk software; this controls the management of the trajectories and the 3D parts to be coated. The new software has extended the boundaries of what is possible with automatic coating. Every piece of any 3D shape can be painted by ROBOSPRAY 4.0, guaranteeing not only high, but also consistent quality of the most complex of 3D shapes.

HOMAG & Makor – a partnership going from strength to strength

Commenting on HOMAG’s partnership with Makor, Simon Brooks, HOMAG UK’s managing director said: “The HOMAG Group has a heritage in high quality finishing machinery and it makes complete sense for the Group to partner with Makor. Its comprehensive range of hi-tech automatic and robotic spray solutions provides a valuable extension of our own product offering.

“The distribution partnership continues to be very beneficial for both parties. HOMAG is delighted to be associated with such an established market leader of premium automatic and robotic spray equipment.”

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