Canadian Wood hosted a seminar on ‘wood in manufacturing’ in Bengaluru

Canadian Wood, officially known as FII has been charged with the duty of promoting wood species grown in accordance with the practice of sustainable forest management. It hosted a successful seminar on “Wood in Manufacturing” in Bengaluru. It provided interesting insights into wooden products and the Indian woodworking industry. In recent years, the trend of manufacturing furniture out of sustainable wood or timber species is gaining popularity. Experts predict that India will become a global hub for wood furniture and manufacturing. The Indian woodwork industry is very versatile and specialises in the manufacture of wood-based furniture and architecture. It embraces both contemporary and traditional styles.

About the seminar

Industry veterans promote the use of sustainable wooden furniture & products at the Canadian Wood seminar on “Wood in manufacturing”

The seminar held on 15th December 2022 discussed the prospect of manufacturing bespoke wooden furniture out of sustainable timber. Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of Canadian Wood, gave a welcome note to the group. It was followed by presentations from eminent speakers.

The founder of Bram Woodcrafting Studio in Mysore, Mr. Bram Rouws, gave a presentation on his experience of using Canadian Wood to build custom furniture. Mr. Anil Tiwari of Tec Workshop Interiors presented some of his previous work for ITC hotels, Taj Hotels, and an ongoing project of Wood NIIDO with Canadian Wood. Mr. Thomas Markose of Kelachandra Veneer Industries, Bangalore, spoke about climate change and how we ought to be more responsible. Dr. Jimmy Thomas, Assistant Director of Technical Services, moderated the seminar, and Mr. Ritesh Kumar, Assistant Director of Business Development, concluded it.

The Country Director for Canadian Wood, Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, commented on the use of wood in manufacturing as follows-
“Wood industry in India was highly fragmented and unorganized. Fortunately, things are evolving now at a fast pace and it’s getting more organized as people have become conscious of the application of legally harvested wood from certified forests. As of today, the wood industry is in the process of moving from a small and medium scale to an organized manufacturing sector. It will probably take another 5-10 years for the industry to commence on its own and be able to compete with other large furniture manufacturing nations such as China and Malaysia. It requires a catalyst from the government to help the industry and SOPs prepare the industry to create world-class cost-effective products. India has the talent and workforce to deliver, all it requires is a bit of catalyst to make this happen.”

Mr. Bram Rouws, the Founder of Bram Woodcrafting Studio said-
“The species of Canadian Wood are very functional, sustainable, and certified. It also imparts an elegant and natural finish to the end product. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and long-lasting.”

Mr. Thomas Markose, partner at Kelachandra Veneer Industries talked about sustainable wood manufacturing- “Sustainable timber is one of the most important species of wood in the industry. Owing to climate change, we need to be more responsible from our end. This will ensure that this industry sustains for the next 100 years.”

Tec Workshop Interiors’ Mr. Anil Tiwari said-
“Though we have light metals such as aluminium and PVC that are cheaper than wood, the latter is more durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. It also adds panache and looks elegant.”

FII largely promotes 5 wood species in India. These are sourced from the sustainably managed forests of B.C. Canada for manufacturing wood products. These five species, namely Douglas-Fir, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), are recommended for different applications. Through a strong network of 40+ stockists, these species are available in 23 cities across India.

Source: Building and Interiors