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Role of Sidwin Fabric in Furniture

Sidwin Fabric is one of the leading brands in India that supplied material for the making of spring mattress pockets and quilt products and Sofa cover in furniture industries.Despite thousands of barriers, Sidwin kept no stone unturned to manufacture quality materials and deliver them on time. Clients from all over the country are looking for quality materials that are required for the business and most of them expect to have certifications that are approved by various bodies across the globe like OEKO-TEX from Germany.

Speaking about OEKO-TEX, Sidwin Fabric is the first organization in India to have such a certification. Since the team knows what exactly clients want, they go the extra mile to fulfill the expectations of the clients. Apart from delivering products on time, Sidwin makes sure that it takes utmost care within the operations area to maintain hygiene and keep the plant dust-free.

"The biggest strength of our organization is that we have a robust system and we always update ourselves with the latest development in technical textile manufacturing," says Suresh Patel, Managing Director, Sidwin Fabric. Sidwin is a technology-driven company. It is always ready to try out new technologies and take calculative risks whenever necessary. Coming to its products, it mainly supplies rolls and not the final product.

This material is used in diapers, sanitary napkins and several other hospital drapes and industrial spring mattress pockets and quilt products. Sidwin is one of brand in upholstery industries. It is made sure that the products are made as per customer's requirements and are absolutely safe for the skin, as they are medically tested and given specification by IKEA, which does research and provide approvals for the fabric.

The biggest strength of the company is it supplies 100 percent virgin and pure material which is rarely done by any non-woven manufacturer in the country. Sidwin Fabric is not just offering non- woven fabric, but it also has certain social commitments.

The company transforms its 100 percent electricity requirement into renewable energy with help of solar energy generation and windmill energy generation to reduce carbon footprints up to the first quarter of FY - 2022. "Our mission is to strive and maintain a strong and trustworthy relationship with our clients as well as contribute towards nature,"

For more information, please visit www.sidwinfabrics.com

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