Excellence Machinery: Only Desires to Fabricate for the Best India Furniture Production Over the Past 19 Years

In recent years, more machinery demands are being seen in the wood handcrafted products, such as the dining tables or chairs, which usually would have requested manual production, but given to the pandemic raising on the labor uncertainty, more and more traditional productions have been changed to using copy shaping machines and tenoners, in order to deliver a stable production and even increase the efficiency.

The EXCELLENT’s DT-1163S, which are specially designed as a light-duty copy-shaper model, is a perfect option when furniture makers are seeking for lighter budget solution to produce the same quality over a long period of time. Besides, it’s the ultimate product that can easily double-up your production efficiency by conducting cutting, profiling, to sanding, all to be done simultaneously in one process.

When being asked what has been the core idea of doing business with India customers for the past 18 years, Mr. Steve Chang, the sales manager from EXCELLENT Machinery and the second generation of the company expressed that, their only target is to build the shaping machinery that could assist for easier local furniture manufacture and be able to uphold clients’ manufacture for decades.

Also, local customer services are crucial for factories when they need assistance. Since 2006, EXCELLENT has been cooperating with WOODTECH for sales and after-sale services. Both companies have the same aim to always deliver high-quality machines and offer quick services whenever is needed.

For those who are based in northern India, EXCELLENT also has developed another partnership with FALGUNI, which can deliver quick services targeting clients in regions such as Jaipur and Jodhpur.

For any inquiries, please contact Excellence machinery through EXCELL6@ms36.hinet.net, or visit their website at www.copyshaper.com.