INNOVATOR upgrades Its Machinery to Produce More Veneer Face & Paper Boxes with Less Waste

INNOVATOR Machinery, an international veneering machine manufacturer with the excellent quality and service in Taiwan, specialize in designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing various kinds of veneering machinery including guillotines, and other veneer processing equipment for the decorative board, décor interior design, hotel decoration, musical instrument, sound box, vehicle interior, flooring, door and panel furniture industries as well as veneer and plywood processing plants. INNOVATOR Machinery also provides whole plant equipment planning to meet essential needs of our customers.

Veneer Processing Procedure:

Butt-joint Veneer Splicer: The traditional hot-melted glue thread zig-zag / zigzag splicers or veneer sewing machines have been gradually replaced by the new seamless (butt-joint) splicing method since the butt-joint veneer splicers can process thinner veneers, splice veneers without splitting after hotpress process and greatly minimize patching workload caused by poor splicing results.

European Veneer Guillotine Technology: In 2007, the year of global financial crisis, all industries were impacted. However, INNOVATOR Machinery took a big step further to acquire technical cooperation (including the brand use rights) of European Danish SAVI Industry A/S, a well-known brand globally in veneer guillotine field. SAVI guillotines are then manufactured here in Taiwan with European quality. Now, we are able to provide customers with "one-stop shopping" service plan (splicers, guillotines and other veneer processing equipment).

can be rated as the LEADER of Smart Veneer Faces Production Line in Asia
With the development of emerging countries and the rising labor cost, equipment is manufactured towards automation mode with less labor to reduce production costs and to increase profits. In view of this, INNOVATOR Machinery developed the Smart Veneer Faces Production Line in 2015. The Smart Veneer Faces Production Line particularly designed for automated production of our customer not only reduces labor costs but minimizes the breakage of veneer faces by manual carrying and increases the capacity. INNOVATOR has been the FIRST manufacturer of Smart Veneer Faces Production Line in Asia and the global veneer splicing technology ranking is further promoted to the top three. The one-stop production provided greatly improves veneer processing efficiency, and also solves the problem of excessive labor costs.

Just in Time Packing Solution

In 2018, INNOVATOR Machinery stepped into box making equipment manufacturing field, proposed a solution for instant packaging, and developed smart box making machines which are suitable for industries that have various but small amount of box demands, such as logistics, e-commerce, system cabinet board packaging industries, etc. With the rising e-commerce, the demand for boxes have soared. The box produced by INNOVATOR’s Box Making Machine completely conforms the size of the object to be packaged. Just select a box style on the HMI, input the dimensions and a box with the fit size is then produced. A box can be made ANYTIME when it is required without box warehouse management or the use of fillers which have negative impacts on the environment.

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