Computerized Furniture - Making is The Ultimate Future for Woodworking

With the best services and the most professional attitude, we guarantee you the machines with relentless operation power.

The woodworking is a process to create aesthetic products, such as delicate furniture and different construction. As the market now demands for more customized and unique woodcrafts, this enhances much difficulty to automate the woodworking manufacture. But we all know that to computerize is definitely is must trend in order to stay competitive in the industry.

With labor being harder to recruit and labor cost all increasing, YOW CHERNG had sensed this development in the past decade and started to move to NC/ CNC models.

YOW CHERNG has long be known to the India market with its stable and efficient furniture machines, such as the dovetail tenoner or the chair and window assembly line. As more woodworking factories in Southeast Asia and India are seeking for solution to replace their heavily labor-oriented working environment, YOW CHERNG
CNC models like the CNC Double End Auto Rectangular Tenoner Machine, or CNC Multi-Spindle Slot Milling Machine are getting much more attention from both the long-term as well as the new customers.

Both YOW CHERNG’s CNC Double End Auto Rectangular Tenoner and Multi-Spindle Slot Milling Machine excel in the request of reducing labor, work-steps, and in the meantime providing more efficient production toward the wide-variety and low quantity manufacture demand.

YOW CHERNG machines has a solid base to assist customers to develop their specialized machine from scratch, including from design to manufacture and assemble, then test the machine before shipping to their customers.

Also, with being one of the longest woodworking machine suppliers to India market, YOW CHERNG has bonded with local agent WOODTECH for decades and conducting sales and after-sale services for India market. It is always to YOW CHERNG belief that a better and quick service is the key to success added upon to YOW CHERNG professional engineering team.

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