Weber World largest wood sanding machine

Kronach, May 2022: Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH is constructing the largest wood sanding machine in the market ever made, thus setting new standards in the woodworking world. This special machine was commissioned by a customer to enable the surfaces of building elements for houses with working widths of up to 3.7 meters to be machined

Wood, the building material of the future, has become much more important in the construction industry. Growing awareness of the importance of saving resources has led to changes in thinking about building, while technical developments have made completely new timber building designs feasible. As a result, timber, one of mankind's oldest building materials, is now available with a diversity, robustness and aesthetic appeal never seen before. Wood opens up new dimensions, both as regards surface area and height. Modern calculation and production methods have made virtually any construction design possible.

With its more than 100 years of experience and expertise in sanding and grinding technology, Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH, headquartered in Kronach in Germany, has become a household name for machining surfaces of all kinds of materials, combining a comprehensive range of series products with individual, material-specific solutions. “We always think about which innovations our customers may need and adjust our range accordingly to be able to continue to offer them innovative solutions for machining metal and wooden surfaces,” said Patrick Chedjou, Head of Sanding and Grinding Machines Sales at WEBER. “Our objective is simple: we want to set standards for the construction of wood sanding machines with our customer-focused, innovative solutions, now and in the future.”

This is exactly what WEBER has done with this latest project: set new standards. In conjunction with the Mayr-Melnhof Holz Group, a leading production company in Europe for glulam (glued laminated timber) and crosslam (cross-laminated timber), WEBER is designing and building a new sanding installation to machine entire walls for the timber house construction sector. This LDK se-ries machine will have a working width of 3,700 mm – making it the largest of its kind in the market. “The installation is based on our proven sanding machine technology. In this dimension, it is the largest ever to have been developed by WEBER,” Patrick Chedjou continued. The machine features proven WEBER technologies such as the WEBER contact drum to calibrate the sheets of wood to the highest level of precision. This is followed by WEBER cross-sanding, starting transversely to the feed direction and then working in the longitudinal direction, to create a smooth, fibre-free surface and give the visual timber walls an attractive look, so that they require no further cladding or lining.

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WEBER combines expert knowledge with innovative technologies - and has been doing so for 100 years. With over 500 employees, the company not only offers excellent, patented process technologies in the field grinding machines for wood and metal, but also has achieved a first class reputation in the field of extrusion of technical plastics and granulation, as well as in additive manufacturing and visionbased industrial robotics and automation. WEBER sells its products in more than 60 countries worldwide. The headquarters of the family-owned company is located in Kronach, Germany. The managing directors are Dr.-Ing. Markus Weber and Ludwig Weber M.Sc.