Wood from Estonia

Blessed with pristine nature, Estonian’s have centuries long expertise in harnessing natural resources in an efficient and sustainable manner. Historic traditions are integrated with the practical application of modern methodologies taught in specialist universities and professional competence centers for horticulture, forestry, environmental science and chemicals.

According to Statistics Estonia, exports of wood-based products in the 12 months of 2021 were over 2.9 billion, which is 32% higher than in the same period in 2020. The surplus of the foreign trade balance of wood products was last year 24% higher, compared to EUR 1779 million. Wood-based products are one of the most important balancers of Estonia's foreign trade balance.

Estonia’s wood products industry manufactures a wide range of products—from lumber, prefabricated wood (panel) modular house products, windows and doors, to a vast assortment paper and board products. Estonia also has a long tradition of manufacturing wood furniture, as well as a newer but growing wood pellet market. In the structure of exports of Estonian wood-based products, products with higher added value predominate.

Estonia’s bioeconomy is driven by its world-class expertise in forest-based activity. Possessing an abundance of high-quality FSC and PEFC certified raw material, Estonia has a full value chain for export-oriented activity supported by a track-record of successful investments.

Approximately 3,900 companies operate in the forest and timber sector in Estonia. The estimated total value added of the sector is 2.2 billion euros, which is about 13.8 percent of the total value added in Estonia. The annual tax contribution of the Estonian forest and timber sector to the state budget was over 1.07 billion euros in 2019, while the Estonian state's expenditure on education is in the same range.

Saunam Sauna – The world’s most advanced sauna solution


If you were to ask an Estonian what the most awesome activity is to do while visiting Estonia, "sauna" will probably pop up in the first line or two. While the following can be debated, one perhaps well-known characteristic of Estonians is that it takes people a while to warm up to a conversation. This is where the sauna comes in, as there's nothing more social than sitting naked together in a dark wooden cabin and "taking the heat".

The Saunum experience is a new benchmark in the world of the sauna. Saunum stands strong on patents and represents a unique generation of sauna technology that has been designed with utmost care and backed with state-of-the-art scientific research.

The Saunum patented air-mixing system traps the hot steam that has risen under the ceiling, mixes it with the cooler oxygen rich air from the floor surface, and directs the soft steam back evenly all over the steam room. With a patented air enrichment method with salt ions, the steam takes useful salt ions from the Himalayan salt balls into the circulating air, onto the skin, and into the respiratory tract.

Saunum solution guarantees a unique full-body sauna experience with a distinctive feeling of rejuvenation. A more even temperature and easier breathing, more humid air and more intense sweating, easy home spa solution – enjoy a classic Nordic hot sauna, humid steam-rich sauna, mild sanarium, sauna enriched with salt ions or aroma sauna.


Peetri Put (Arcwood) – Leading producer of quality engineered laminated timber

Glulam (glued laminated timber) is produced from timber that has undergone a technological drying process and generally contains 12% moisture. By laminating the layers together with adhesive, glulam can be produced to precisely the height needed in construction.

Glued laminated timber has no negative environmental effects. Glulam products have a natural place in an eco-cycle society. The engineered wood is renewable and recyclable, while its manufacture is largely based on bio-energy. Glulam beams are very efficient to produce. The energy required to produce a glue-laminated beam from the log is only a fraction of the energy required to produce steel or concrete. Glulam has superior earthquake resilience and greater resistance to fire than any other structural construction material. Hence, its superior structural performance coupled with flexibility in esthetic design will boost the demand for glulam laminated timbers.

Glue laminated timber can be easily folded so that it can be easily used anywhere in the roof structure. It is made from many timber layers, so they can be placed on different angles. Glue laminated timber is often chosen over steel or concrete for its appearance and is often credited with creating a warm and comfortable feel to a building.