Another milestone achieved by e3 largest pvc edge band manufacturing plant in india inaugurated

E3 recently inaugurated its new and India's largest manufacturing plant of Edge Band Tape. This newly built plant in Greater Noida, UP occupies 16,000 sq. mtr area. The manufacturing capacity has increased from 3.0 lac meters per day to 4.50 lac meters per day to meet the unstoppable demand of E3 premium quality edge band tape. For having exceptional features like durability, resistance, flexibility, glossy look, protection, etc.,

E3 Group is the top Indian brand to manufacture matching Edge Band Tapes with all kind of laminates and the only one to make exact matching of PVC laminates. At present, E3 is the leading manufacturer of PVC Edge Band, with distributors and dealers in all cities across India. The core idea behind having this vast unit is to produce the finest quality of ‘Made in India' edge band matching with the wide range of laminates and pre-laminated boards. E3 maintains the perfect level of precision by offering customers the highest quality materials.