Which segments in the furniture & building materials industry are adopting AR and why?

Various platforms like HelloAR promise to ease sellers into the world of AR and VR but no one does it quite as HelloAR does. The impact of these visual technologies has seen an amazing rise even in niche markets like building materials.

Here, we ask Suresh, the founder of HelloAR, how AR and VR have found an indispensable place in the building industry.

Question: As someone who has spent several years in the AR industry, do you think the building industry has adopted AR well?
Answer: I believe that the building industry still has a long way to go in fully adopting AR and VR in its activities. However, when I see numbers suggesting that 79% of respondents believe that large and mega projects in the near future will benefit greatly from augmented reality, it only boosts my confidence further.

Question: What can you tell us about the companies you’ve worked for within the construction sector?
Answer: Maintaining the confidentiality of our clients, I must say that our clients have been the forerunners in incorporating AR and VR in their marketing strategies. One of our clients is a world-class manufacturer of pipes in India who has used AR to provide a thorough point of view of their products to their customers.

Another is a leading furniture manufacturer that has reaped great revenues by using AR and VR. Let me give you an inside scoop on this one: This furniture client of ours is all ready to set up kiosks at their furniture stores so that their walk-in customers can enjoy the AR experience and buy whatever they want with no doubts in their minds!

Question: What other segments of the building industry do you think can also benefit from AR and VR?
Answer: I think the best thing about the building industry is the various types of application opportunities it has. With the flexibility of augmented reality, it can be used in domains whose products include tiles, laminates, parqueting, sanitary ware, etc.

And here's the true magic of AR- it can be used by almost anyone who is involved in the industry. Manufacturers can obviously use it during designing and even during the sales process by making it easier to present the products. But it can even help customers to understand and make the right decision when they are buying whatever they desire. Hence I believe, AR can be a tool not only for the stakeholders in the industry but also for any customer.

Question: What pointers would you suggest to companies who are wondering if they need AR?
Answer: That's a great question actually. It is understandable that with the constant news of AR and VR and their enormous benefits being reported that companies would wonder if they too could get in on this trend. First of all, a company must consider the various benefits that come with the implementation of AR and compare it against the money they would spend on such a technology.

Plus, understanding the company’s audience is another important factor that affects this life-changing decision. At HelloAR, we try our best to help our clients uncover the untapped potential in their products by allowing their customers to experience the product like never before.