HOLYTEK - Full ranges of quality Finger Jointing Equipment

As one of the leading brands in high quality woodworking machines, HOLYTEK offer full ranges of Finger Jointing Equipment to meet with all various working demands in the market; such as Semi-Auto System or the quite popular Semi-Auto with Rotary Table in India, Automatic System, Fully Auto System; from normal speed to high speed; servo motor to computer controlled; from recycle used of short waste materials or 3M extra length of long pieces for construction beams; from economic solution to high efficiency capacity, you can always find ideal Finger Jointing Equipment in HOLYTEK.

HOLYTEK Finger Joint System is not only material and energy saving, also the best choice under the concept of green environmental protection.

Features of Fully Auto Finger Jointing Line:

  • Worker-free design for high production volume with one specific line dedicated to horizontal butt jointing
  • The finger joint system is ruggedly constructed throughout for maximum rigidity and stability
  • All axial adjustment in 0.01mm, using mechanical digital readout
  • Completely new machine concept with outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Movable air clamps on the finger assembler provide smooth jointing without work piece fixing problems
  • A transfer conveyor table located in front of the finger assembler provides convenience for work piece feeding
  • Employs high quality linear motion guides on the left and right finger shaper
  • New design double chain feeding & pre-assembling station for better joint mechanism and higher performance capacity.
  • Servo Control is available
  • Multiple Feeding Table with 4 Packages is available for optional