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Home Interior Decor Tips: Modular kitchen trends from around the world

A dynamic shift is seen in the kitchen preferences of many Indian households with most homeowners adopting a fancy and stylish kitchen layout. There is a rise in demand for modular kitchens as your life becomes easy with one. Home interior decor experts reveal global trends in modular kitchen


According to data shared by R & M and IMARC, the global modular kitchen market reached $34.4 billion in 2021 and the Indian modular kitchen market is expected to reach $862 million by 2024. Since housing and construction are segments that have been consistently growing over the years, India’s rising middle-class population, reducing household size, changing customer habits, demand for quality goods and services and inclination towards modern design and comfort have contributed to the growth of the modular kitchen segment.

Home renovation has never been easier given that from sorting out a company with great designers and resources to deciding the price, everything is now available right at your fingertips. In recent times, we have seen a dynamic shift in the kitchen preferences of many Indian households, with most homeowners in India adopting a fancy and stylish kitchen layout and at the moment, we see a rise in demand for modular kitchens as your life becomes easy with one.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Khanindra Burman, CEO and Co-Founder of Wurfel, shared, “Modular kitchen is an ever evolving product in terms of design, finishes, hardwares, accessories and appliances. With substantial amount of time and money invested into product research and development by leading brands, innovations and new trends are inevitable.”

He categorised the current global trends under the following heads:

1. New finishes - Flutes are extensively in global trend. Flutes can be in the form of fluted glass, lacquer, veneer or wood finish. Flutes are a prominent breakthrough from the regular plain finishes. The textures and retro-feel amalgated with the contemporary design styles make your kitchen a design beauty.

2. Levels - Different intentional levels on the countertop by using different materials or colours break the monotony of a bigger counter space and creates private and exclusive spaces.

3. One house-one space - Modular kitchens have now merged into the living and dining spaces, creating one big space for family and friends to have a great time. The home has become more social now.

Bringing his expertise to the same, Ashley, Business Head from Newton Inex in New Delhi, revealed, “One of the interesting changes that we have seen lately is that kitchen sizes are becoming compact thus the need for innovative space management with concealed appliances and units are being requested by the customers for their homes. Customers also request for personalised designs on these appliances to match the overall décor."

He pointed out, “There has been a growing rise in awareness amongst audiences regarding the eco-friendly products to be used while designing modular kitchens. From the use of sustainable materials to energy-efficient lighting or appliances to enhanced ventilation systems; the customers have started becoming particular on these aspects as well. Customers are experimenting with bolder and brighter patterns for kitchen tiles adding a definitive splash of colour that represents their personality.”

Modular kitchen designs break down large systems into essential parts to meet various customer needs, replicating flexibility and agility at the installation site. These layouts maximize efficiency and elegantly supplement storage systems by utilizing every nook and corner of the area in context and are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain since they are designed in such a way that every tiny corner can be accessed.

Source: The Hindustan Times

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