Why Exhibit

Establish valuable connections: Engage with industry experts and influential decision-makers to build a strong network. Gain insights into the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices by interacting with knowledgeable professionals.

Explore new markets and business opportunities: Meet potential customers from untapped markets, expanding your reach and opening doors to new business ventures. The exhibition provides a platform to showcase your products and services to a diverse audience, increasing the chances of discovering lucrative opportunities.

Enhance brand exposure and credibility: As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to position yourself as an industry leader. With over 30,000 business professionals attending the show, your brand will gain significant exposure and recognition. This exposure can help establish trust and credibility among potential customers, giving your business a competitive edge.

Strengthen customer relationships: Connect with your existing customers in a face-to-face setting, providing a platform for meaningful discussions about new business prospects. Engaging with your loyal customer base helps foster strong relationships and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Gain competitor insights: The exhibition offers a chance to gather valuable information about your key competitors. By observing their products, strategies, and interactions with customers, you can gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge can help you refine your own business approach and stay ahead in the market.

Crafting the future of Indian woodworking
industry with

  • 50,000

    SqMs exhibition space

  • 600+


  • 30+


  • 30,000+

    Trade visitors

  • Product launches and Technique demonstrations of woodworking machines

  • Seminars and conferences by industry experts

Exhibitor Speaks

exhibit profile

Machinery & Technology

  • Solid woodworking
  • Panel Processing
  • Wood based panel production
  • Saw milling / Veneer peeling machine
  • Surface treatment & Finishing lines
  • Tools & accessories for furniture production & woodworking
  • Packaging machines / wrapping machines for furniture manufacturers & woodworking industry
  • Machines for upholstery, mattress and sofa manufacturing.

Materials & Supplies

  • Adhesives, Chemicals & Wood Coatings
  • Wood, Veneers, parquets flooring, Doors
  • Decorative surfaces, Décor papers, Laminates, Door Skins, Edges, Composite materials etc.
  • Wood based panels (Plywood, Particle Board, MDF, Pre-lam Boards) and other versatile interior panels
  • Embossing cylinders, Press plates
  • Packaging materials for furniture manufacturers & woodworking industry
  • Materials & supplies for upholstery, mattress and sofa manufacturing.

Fittings, Hardware & Components

  • Fittings, Locks, built-in parts, Hardware Systems, Lamps and lighting systems
  • Semi-finished products for Cabinetry, kitchen, office and modular furniture

Industry Services

  • Software
  • Certifying Agencies
  • Training & Research Institutes
  • Industry Associations
  • Online business portals