Hettich Application Centre: The one- stop destination for design possibilities in furniture fittings

It is a common customer tendency to want to actually touch or feel the item they are contemplating to buy because no matter how much you study the product details on website, in catalogue or as described in the promotion ads; nothing can replace the authenticity of physical touch. Hettich understands this tendency and hence, has come up with exclusive design concept showrooms called “ Hettich Application Centres”

Currently there are 12 Hettich Application Centres in India across all major metropolitan cities and Tier 1 cities. Apart from giving the customers a touch and feel experience of cutting-edge Hettich fittings, Application Centres also illustrate for the customers, the full utility and functioning of Hettich fitted furniture for both residential and commercial spaces. They can witness the perfect gliding motion of our Topline XL sliding system, the smooth action of our soft closing silent system integrated Hinges or the multifunctionality of our versatile Cargo range.

The Centre layout has a lavish display of the entire range of Hettich fittings specially conceptualized and installed by our team in Germany. It is also the home to our exceptionally innovative “Tiny House” concept which is a life size replica of a real house comprising of a bedroom, living room, vanity and even office space! It is interesting to note, the latest Hettich TV commercial showcasing our range of contemporary Kitchen solutions has been exclusively shot in our Mumbai Centre.

These centres are managed by our expert centre managers who are the solution architects for all your fittings related queries. Whether you have just begun to plan your house and have no clue about the process or a seasoned Architect looking for a very specific solution in order to materialize your unique design concept, Hettich Application Centre is the place to go and our Solution architects shall expertly address your  concerns. The centres are open six days a week from 10 am to 7pm. Although a  customer can simple walk-in, it is always better to call ahead and book a visit in order to have a hassle-free experience.


For more details, please visit:

https://web.hettich.com/en-in/contact-us/application-center/application-centre-visit- slot-booking