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Meet HelloAR, a company that is revolutionizing online sales for furniture and building materials

The introduction of terms like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and Metaverse have created curiosity and confusion all at the same time. So, we decided to simplify these for our readers and interviewed one of the best companies, HelloAR, which has helped many companies like Featherlite, Wakefit, Guarented, and Ashirvad pipes achieve 2x revenue and sales with AR solutions.

We asked Suresh, founder, HelloAR to simplify AR, VR for our readers:

What is AR, and VR and why should companies adopt them?

Imagine, if you could take all your products to your customers' homes and do a personal demo with them. It would be amazing right? With AR this is what we help brands achieve online. Your customers are able to see the product and interact with it to understand how it looks from all possible angles and aspects to better understand its functionalities. Plus, they can even place it in their own home to make decisions.

What benefits can companies see?

Our solution has consistently increased engagement by almost 150% for our clients. Many of them have seen a 2x uplift in their sales and in the case of B2B sales, while sales turnaround time has also reduced by half. Also, the product returns have dropped by almost 40%

Why Furniture and Building Materials, though?

To be honest, it is not just these two industries. We’re helping with home decor, home improvement, automotive, and many more. But with Furniture and Building materials, we help both, online B2C and enterprise-level sales, especially because of the sheer complexity of furniture and building material sales. The customers of these industries, both individuals as well as businesses, can check the products in 360 degrees, understand each and every feature, try it on their walls or place furniture on their floors. This eventually improves customer confidence in buying furniture, such as sofas or chairs, or building materials, such as tiles or laminates, as the customer knows the ins and outs of the product.

What benefits have you seen in enterprise sales specifically?

Generally speaking, the B2B customers have very personalized needs. They need large quantities of products as per their needs. Our software helps businesses see their preferred product configuration in real-time. These preferences can range from sizes, colors, materials, and so forth and so on. Moreover, customers can access information that is crucial to them, such as the price of the product, instant quotations, any warranties, etc, with the click of a button. Basically, the sales process eventually gets closed fairly quickly as the bills of materials are also generated in real-time.

When you say product configuration what does it mean?

Have you ever bought a wardrobe? The concerns of any wardrobe buyer, for example, would be the material used, the number of shelves, and what hardware or hangers are in the wardrobe- quite basically, the customer would look for the configurations. With product configuration, a customer can choose all these variables as per their need and tailor-make the product. Thus, the company can list down all the possibilities, and permutation & combinations of your products, and let users select and build the product they need in just a few clicks. Most importantly, they can get instant quotations for the products configured.

But, how does HelloAR help the building industry?

We have made several digital immersive catalogs for companies such that customers can use them to go through all the options and customizations that the company provides. This is especially true for products like laminates. A customer could use augmented reality to see how a particular laminate would look on their wall, even before buying it and making the final choice. With product configuration, the customer can even change the color, and material of the laminate and find the product that suits their needs.

How much time and money does it cost to get a solution like this? It really sounds like a costly affair.

It is not a costly or time-consuming solution. We create thousands of photorealistic images every day for multiple companies. Any company can start within a week and offer this solution to their customers. The cost depends on the number of products as HelloAR offers a ‘pay-as-you-go’ solution that suits every company with every need.

Last question, why do so many companies trust HelloAR?

I like this question. We’re a very loved and trusted partner for our clients because we are very passionate about helping our clients through our work and services. We are invested in our customer’s growth as we understand their goals and ensure the best branding visual experience for their business. We also work tirelessly to give the best solution, we’re the most affordable solution out there, with transparent pricing and no hidden costs, and of course, we have expertise in the field like no one else.

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