Keep progressing with the industry's talented work force

Pandemic brought different eras to our industry. While everyone else got badly hit by it; woodwork industry got a box full of new possibilities.

1. Manufacturing woodwork in India is in demand thanks to Chinese furniture exports hitting the wall.

2. Many furniture manufacturers have adapted to e- commerce & are already seeing the benefits.

3. Pandemic slowed the pace of development and led to closure of many projects. In the New Normal many are getting back on accelerated pace.

We would like to call these new possibilities Endemic Elevators. Endemic is the end of pandemic as being seen world over. We are at the end of the pandemic times. Elevators are all the ways of accelerating we have discovered in these times. The ones mentioned above. It’s really the opportunity to grow and expand.

Question is …..Are you ready to make most of these Endemic Elevators? Yes, we call them elevators as that’s what these opportunities exactly can be; if we are prepared to seize them.

It’s time

1. To reach all time high turnovers – if you were stagnating at X for many years; this could be the right market to break the glass ceiling.

2. Operational Excellence – Pandemic has taught us that less is more. So, implement all those learnings to do process improvements

3. Lastly but most importantly Our People – Invest in them as they are the real assets. It’s time to invest in the skill set as well as Mindset. According to a report of the National Skill Development Council (NSDC), India's furniture and furnishings industry will need 11.3 million skilled workers by the year 2022.

Mindset: your workforce’s most valuable asset for 10 X Growth of your organization.

With the Government of India’s initiative on training & development we see our industry is now focusing on skilling their people.

However, by just focusing on the skill set our people can help create incremental results. It’s a gradual process. Linear in nature. We can go from one to two and while that’s important. It’s more important to bring about MINDSET CHANGE; as that can give exponential growth, change in perspective and ability to seize the current opportunity.

Current missing piece of the PUZZLE for Exponential growth in our industry is MINDSET.

From here on read only if you feel ready to take quick action. Why? This elevator is not here for long. The wise will get on in time to charter Road Less Travelled.


In our experience, for growth, leaders need to inspire every day, managers need to focus on possibilities in their language and everyone needs to engage with a growth mindset.

Here are our suggestions:

1. Bring in inspiring tone in the way leaders communicate by offering group coaching for the period of 3 months, one session every fortnight.

2. Make your managers CATALYSTS in the process by teaching them Action centred Leadership

3. And bring in the language of possibility in everyday interaction by offering growth mindset practice sessions to all employees. About 3-4 small two-hour sessions do the trick.

Our unique approach focuses on cultivating a mindset of accomplishment, possibility, and empowerment. Not only does this pays off in the short term; but it also improves productivity in the long term. When given the opportunity, workers with the right mindset will innovate and implement practical solutions instead of waiting for instead of cribbing. Plus, they'll work to avoid the same obstacles and setbacks during the next busy season.

Here is a real life case study to realise the power of such a mindset change


As the industry continues to change, it will become more important than ever to recruit and retain talent. Cultivating a growth mindset can ensure our people are ready to grab this unique opportunity.

Through Cultural Visioning, we empower employees to practice curiosity, accountability, and resilience. Equipped with these skills, employees will more capably solve the complex problems presented by the digital revolution.

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Principal Strategist
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