Vogue - A new era of digitally printed surfaces

Vogue by Asian Prelam is an exclusive collection of pre-designed, digitally printed MFC, MFMDF, decorative laminates, and decorative laminated plywood. It's a combination of modern technologies and creative ideas that create unique decors that are aesthetically appealing and deliver excellent performance. This product range has been designed to be versatile and durable, and these surfaces are perfect for both residential and commercial interior applications.

Vogue is an eye-catching, high-resolution printed surface solution built using state-of-the-art digital printing technology that meets the highest production standards. It prevents the decors from fading even after years of use. It is a new addition to Asian Prelam's Shresht range. With Vogue, the customization possibilities are endless as the only limitation is one's imagination. The company also plans to add new designs and decors to the Vogue collection as they evolve and innovate.

High-resolution custom design can be printed with 100% accuracy over many batches, unlike the roller printing method, which tends to have inconsistencies and imperfections. Any high-resolution image can be printed on the surface, and the file used can be stored for future use or replication. This makes it possible for you to confidently expand your interior style in the future and easily replace the damaged panel with the same design.

Applications of Vogue Decorative Laminated Panels:

  • Kitchen Cabinets: to create a kitchen space that exudes its unique style.

  • Table Tops: Vogue panels can be used to build table tops (for home or office use) as it has a smooth finish that is durable and easy to clean.

  • Modern Furniture: Build contemporary modular furniture that is timeless in design and style.

  • Shelves: Since shelves need to be lightweight, Vogue Panels are a good choice.

  • Wall Panels: use Vogue to create a statement wall, hide any exposed wiring or segregate a section.

The Vogue design catalogue offered by Asian Prelam has a range of products to choose from and can be a solution to any interior design requirements. So any projects that need panache can use the Vogue product line. The elegance of the prints and the quality of the panels are married well to create a product that doesn't only provide a beautiful form but will definitely be something that functions well too.

If your project needs to make a stunning first impression, consider working with Vogue panels by Asian Prelam.

Vogue printed laminates are the future of printed laminates, especially those who want pristinely accurate renders of a custom design pattern or image that will last a long time.

For more information, please visit: www.asianprelam.com/shresht.php