Wood from Estonia

Liistuvabrik – Moldings decorate the home

Among the largest wooden moulding producers in Europe, EHL Profiles Group manufactures premium quality wooden mouldings in Estonia, Norway, and Sweden for the global market. EHL Profiles Group is owned by Pomoma Gruppen AB – a family-run company from 1986. For us, stability is a core value-not just in terms of balance sheets and strategies-but also in leadership. We have an international production and distribution network with: 30 years experience, 80 MEUR annual turnover and presence in 20+ countries.

We aren´t just in the profile-making business, we are in the problem-solving business to find the best solutions for our clients.

We strongly believe in keeping our promises. Our more than 250 key partners and happy customers in Scandinavia, Europe, and the Baltics can attest to this. Our most popular moulding types:

- angles
- architraves
- crown
- dowels
- quarter rounds
- scotias
- skirtings
- stripwood

We can work with almost any type of wood. But also, MDF (medium density fibreboard) materials.

Most our materials are sourced locally, reducing production chain length. Using a mixed variety of woods in our daily projects, including pine, spruce, oak, ash, beech etc.

For more information, please visit: www.liistuvabrik.ee

Puidukoda – High Quality Nordic Wood

Puidukoda is an innovative plaining mill in Estonia. With more than 25 years of operation, have accumulated a wealth of experience and skills. Nordic spruce & pine products offered by Puidukoda is highly appreciated by the customers located in more than 30 countries.

Puidukoda is a fast growing Estonian timber processing enterprise, founded in 1997 and situated in South-Estonia. Our main business activity is the production and sales of softwood (spruce, pine) planed timber and profiled boards. Puidukoda is operating with a high-tech, flexible and fully automated production line including sorting, cross-cutting and shrink-wrapping, erected in 2004 and fully renovated in 2010. We offer several treatment and value-adding possibilities – surface coating (painting), cross-cutting, end-matching and Additional Services to our Clients – online Stock system and stock management service.

Puidukoda is a branch of the Rose Group supported by the French companies Protac and Norsilk. Having annual volume of finished production of over 400,000 m3.

In India Puidukoda products are marketed and sold by Aditya Jain Director Sitaram Ferozilal Jain Pvt Ltd (www.sfjltd.in)

For more information, please visit: www.puidukoda.eu/en

Technomar & Adrem AS – Wooden Production Factory (31 Years of Passion)

Technomar & Adrem is a family owned company founded in 1991. The initial activity involved the further processing of plywood and timber. Today the business specialises in the production of value added products utilising all forms of sheet materials. It manufactures natural wood products in five woodworking factories covering a total area of 200,000m2.

Company Technomar & Adrem AS is a woodworking company with 4 main activities: engineered parquet production, production of plywood and wooden cable drums, solid wood and plywood furniture component production and plywood packaging boxes production.

We buy in birch plywood, birch solid wood, softwood and other material to produce added value products that we sell to our customers all over the world. We have 5 factories located in Maardu just outside Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The customers are spread across many Industries worldwide and include those involved in Construction, Packaging, Automobile Industry, Engineered Wood Flooring, Furniture, Transport, Cable supplies, etc. Around 95% of products are exported to more than 72 countries throughout Europe, America and Asia.

For more information, please visit: www.technomar.ee

Thermory – Thermowood and Sauna Material

Thermory is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermally modified wood and sauna materials. Our product assortment includes decking, wall paneling, cladding, and floorboards made of thermally modified wood as well as industrially painted wooden products for indoor and outdoor use.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of sauna materials and ready-made saunas, we also hold a leading position in the sauna and spa sectors. 90% of our production is exported to more than 50 countries.

Thermally modified wood is our signature product

Years of experience and modern cutting-edge technology allow us to bring out the best properties of wood. Thermally modified wood is entirely natural – its characteristics are enhanced using only heat and steam. This chemical-free process results in an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing wood material that is significantly more durable and stable than conventional timber.

Unlike chemical impregnation, thermal modification enhances the wood throughout, not just the outer surface. The result is boards that are stable and durable in every sense. At Thermory, we believe the product quality is paramount, so we work hard on mastering our technology and innovation to stay ahead.

The thermal modification process takes place in a heating chamber with special sensors, controlled by experienced specialists using a computer. During the thermal modification process, the wood’s density decreases, and its structure changes.

Why prefer thermally modified wood?

• Wood’s physical and chemical properties change during thermal modification. When it’s heated, the wood releases moisture, and its chemical composition is transformed.
• Thermal modification lowers the wood’s absorbency, meaning that exposure to moisture no longer causes it to swell as much. It also improves dimensional stability, so the wood expands and contracts less in outdoor conditions.
• The lower internal stresses found in thermally modified would also reduce material consumption during construction.
• Wood’s biological resistance increases as the nutrients in wood are modified during thermal modification, becoming less available to pests and microorganisms. This increases the durability of the wood in outdoor conditions and ensures that it does not need to be impregnated with toxic substances for protection.
• The heat and sound insulation of thermally modified wood are superior to that of natural wood by as much as 30%.
• Thermally modified wood has a lower weight and density, making the wood easier to work with mechanically.
• Thermally modified wood has a beautiful, deep color. This can offer sustainability benefits, for example by making thermally modified ash a great alternative to tropical hardwood.
• As no chemicals are used in the thermal modification process, our thermally modified wood products are safe and there’s no need to handle them as hazardous waste after use.

Leave a lasting impact

Thermory promotes using real wood products to bring nature closer to people in the urban, workplace, and home environments. Wood can be used as the main signature element in exteriors as well as an integral part of any interior design solution. We have a wide selection of wood species and profiles for architects and designers to select from and are happy to advise our clients during the design phase and throughout implementation.

For more information, please visit: www.thermory.com

Toftan AS – The Faster and Most Efficient Sawmill in the Baltics

AS Toftan was founded on 1995. We have business customers in more than 24 countries around the world. Throughout the years the sawmill, initially producing 35000 cbm, has developed to the one of the biggest sawmills in Estonia and Baltics. We produced almost 200000 cbm of sawn timber in 2012. Skills of our team and right investments have formed a unique technological setup providing flexibility of products and batch sizes combined with high yield and productivity. We are continuously developing our productivity, quality and yield. Those developments promise higher production volumes in near future.

Earthquake proof houses in Japan, houses, scaffolding and furniture in North-Africa, building constructions in Europe, window scantlings and door components, gluelam beams for buildings and bridges manufactured in Estonia and exported – just few areas where our sawn timber is used.

For more information, please visit: www.toftan.ee/en/index.html