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How VIZSTORE Is Becoming the Experiential Shopify for The Furniture and Furnishing Domain

Over time, the need for creating personalized customer experiences has increased across the board. Organizations operating at all scales and belonging to all major industries have been tailoring their services based on the specific needs and preferences of their customers. With the advent of digitization, technology has allowed businesses to create personalized experiences for every customer engaging with them.

Taking the use of technology in crafting unique experiences a step further, Flipspaces has launched VIZSTORE, a virtual storefront that is quickly becoming the experiential Shopify in the furniture and furnishing domain. With years of experience in the field of commercial interior design, Flipspaces has optimized technologies like VR and process automation to help furniture and furnishing sellers provide quality services to their prospects and customers.


VIZSTORE is a virtual store that allows businesses dealing in furniture articles and furnishings to provide personalized buying experiences to their customers. Right from product displays to the creation of mock-ups and making actual sales, VIZSTORE allows organizations to make the most of digitization to leverage their processes.

Through VIZSTORE, Flipspaces allows brands and retailers to deal with issues like high store rent, dependence on foot-fall, data management, logistics, staff management, mock-up limitations, and more. By letting organizations set up virtual stores, VIZSTORE facilitates seamless walk-throughs, demos, and trails without the clients having to visit a store physically.

In the age of digitization, the prominence of e-commerce has increased significantly. Today, more and more people are willing to make online purchases instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. This has allowed VIZSTORE to provide a virtual platform for furniture and furnishing companies to display their products, present them to their customers, and drive the desired revenue home.

The initiative has been set up to revolutionize the market and expand horizons for businesses when it comes to catering to their clients. Right from setting up virtual stores to maintaining customer records, VIZSTORE guides organizations every step of the way.

Key Benefits Offered by VIZSTORE:

Personalized Experiences

One of the biggest benefits of setting up a virtual store on VIZSTORE is that it personalizes the experience for every customer. In 2022, customers across the board demand to be treated as if they are the only ones handled by the brands. This has made businesses tailor their services based on the individual needs and preferences of their customers.

Keeping the dynamic needs of customers in mind, businesses on VIZSTORE can personalize the services offered to suit their needs. The virtual store allows users to design their stores and products according to the preferences of the clients. With a few simple clicks, sellers can change the look and feel of the virtual area to provide customers with an idea about how the interiors would look in real.

Cost-effective Virtual Stores

Especially in the domain of furniture and furnishings, businesses, require large stores to accommodate articles like couches, sofa sets, chairs, recliners, and many more. This ends up taking a lot of space, ultimately increasing the business’ expenses.

VIZSTORE completely eliminates the need for a conventional brick-and-mortar store by allowing companies to set up virtual storefronts. As there are no limits to the virtual world, it allows businesses to have unlimited space at their disposal at the rate of 3 paisa per square foot. Moreover, as there is no limit to the virtual space you can take up, you can fill your store with a variety of different articles to be displayed to your customers. This increases the efficiency of a virtual store as compared to a physical one.

Moreover, as virtual stores minimize the need for manual labor through digitization and process automation, businesses can save the money that would otherwise have been spent on hiring more workforce for making sales and managing the stores.

By cutting down their costs in setting up and managing virtual stores, businesses can increase their ROI and drive more revenue.

Over 10 Lacs of Product Mock-ups

When it comes to interior design, every client wants to see what the final look of their rooms/offices would be like. This makes it important for businesses to provide their customers with the right mock-ups based on their choices.

In the case of conventional physical stores, businesses often resort to creating graphical images of 3D models of the products to be provided to the customers. VIZSTORE takes this a notch higher by allowing you to provide more than 10 lac product mock-ups to your customers. Based on the kind of furniture and furnishing articles preferred by the customers, businesses can be creative and come up with a range of different mock-ups before finalizing deals and making sales.

While it is not always possible to make quick changes to the traditional mock-ups, virtual product mock-ups created using VIZSTORE can be customized and altered in real-time. When your clients are having a look at the mock-ups and need to make small changes in the same, you can do so immediately down to the smallest details.

No Geographical Restrictions

VIZSTORE removes geographical boundaries by allowing businesses to set up virtual stores that can be carried anywhere and everywhere. No matter where your clients are located, VIZSTORE allows you to provide them with an immersive experience and help them make the right choice.

Virtual stores also make it easier and faster for businesses to connect with their clients. Instead of them having to visit your store, you can bring your store to them with a simple video call. Thanks to technological advancements, businesses can provide live demos, show product mock-ups, organize walk-throughs, and close deals with customers residing hundreds of miles away.

Seamless Catalogue Management

Creating and managing product catalogues often gets tedious for furniture and furnishing businesses. As the market is full of competition, it is important to keep one’s catalogue updated at all times. VIZSTORE allows users to manage their product catalogues digitally, thereby increasing the speed and efficiency of the process.

Instead of keeping physical catalogues in your store and carrying heavy catalogues for client meetings, VIZSTORE helps you set up and maintain digital catalogues that can be shared easily with your clients. Whether you are willing to add more products to the catalogue, remove specific offerings, or make necessary changes to the list, the virtual store provides high flexibility to the store owners.

Moreover, VIZSTORE makes the experience of viewing the product catalogues more immersive and interactive.

Tracking Customer Records

If you are willing to provide personalized services to your customers, it is important to keep track of all their records and engagements with your business. This would help you assess the needs and preferences of every customer you interact with.

VIZSTORE helps businesses store all their customer records on a centralized platform. These datasets can be retrieved and assessed on demand while engaging with new, existing, and potential clients. By being well-versed with your records, you can provide specific customers with products, services, and offers that best suit their needs. This helps businesses build healthy and lasting relations with their customers.

Valuable Analytics

If you want to scale up your business and make the right decisions at the right time, you need to give importance to data analytics. Commonly known as the ‘digital gold’ of modern times, data helps you understand how well or poorly your business is doing in the market.

Along with a virtual store, VIZSTORE assesses your datasets and provides you with valuable analytics that helps you make important business decisions. Right from calculating ROI and analyzing your business performance to identifying areas where you can improve, the platform ensures that your business prospers over time and helps you achieve your objectives.

The Final Word

By allowing businesses to set up virtual stores and facilitate digitized engagements with their customers, VIZSTORE is becoming the experiential Shopify for the furniture and furnishing domain. The venture allows organizations to stay in sync with the latest tech trends in the market and helps customers avail themselves of an immersive experience while digitizing their store operations.

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