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Indiawood 2020
22 - 26 February 2024 | BIEC, Bengaluru, India
International Trade Fair for Furniture Production Technologies, Woodworking Machinery, Tools, Fittings, Accessories, Raw Materials and Products

Mr. Thomas Markose, Kelachandra Brothers takes us through wooden window business

Wood has been a preferred material of choice in architecture since centuries, lending a sense of design and flexibility, which remains unparalleled. Over the last few years, the conventional approach towards wooden windows and doors has changed from the traditional “carpenter cut and installed” products to ones which are engineered to meet varied demands.

Kelachandra Veneers is a leading brand with over 40 years of craftmanship and expertise in woodwork. Alongside their division for pre-hung door systems, recently set up their exclusive unit to produce wooden windows systems over the last one and half years. While their foray into this segment was a natural process, but it is their passion and attention to detail which has seen them take giant strides in a short span of time.

Drawing on a legacy of extensive knowledge and expertise, their product range offers an impressive glimpse into the versatility of wood as a material of choice. While serving the everyday purposes of enclosure and safety, coupled with enhanced features such as sound proofing, temperature control and termite protection, what sets these products apart, is the flexibility to experiment with design.

Working exclusively with Canadian yellow Cedar and African teak, the team at Kelachandra uses special machine tools, sourced from vendors from all across the world. Setting up a business amidst CoVID wasn’t an easy task, but the team took the opportunity as a challenge to deep dive into the finer nuances of this segment, while scaling up the digital aspects of their operations. Their entire process from production history to pricing specifications is tech-enabled and gives the customer a real time update about the status of their order, to the instant calculation of the possible amount of carbon dioxide a customer might have helped absorb using sustainable timber. This is supplemented by an effective after care service which ensures expert support.

The segment of wooden doors and windows, although huge and one with a solid potential, remains largely unrecognized. This creates a unique challenge, as the customers remain unaware of the latest advances and innovations this sector has to offer. Apart from the richness and warmth that wood tends to impart to any product which is manufactured using it, it is now also possible to engineer it to meet other demands. As a material it also offers a tremendous scope in terms of sustainability through responsible sourcing.

Within India, apart from Karnataka, they also work across regions and markets in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, while also supplying to other cities pan India.

Cabinetry and Kitchen systems are other extensions of their product line and their eventual vision is to offer customized wooden interior services, offering end to end solutions.

While Mr. Thomas Markose brings his business and product development acumen to the venture, Mr. Ashok Kuriakose lends his technical expertise to create products which stand the test of endurance. The founders of the company peg wood as a material which enjoys a nostalgic legacy and a bright future.

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